Julia Higgins

Keyboard & Bass Instructor

Since the age of 6 years old, Julia has always had a passion and love for music. Starting vocal lessons at Rock of Ages at the age of 6, and then expanding her skills, learning to play keyboards and bass guitar, Julia always has an interest in trying something new and expanding her knowledge and skills in music. Julia enjoys bringing music into the lives of others and wants to help her students build their self-confidence and help them find their love for music to help them be amazing musicians! Music has made a huge influence on Julia since a young age, but she has recently found her love for music in artists such as Elton John, Blondie, and the Wallows, as these are artists she loves to learn songs from and who inspire her to write her own songs as well! Julia is so excited to teach her students and share her love and passion for music to help her students learn and grow into incredible musicians.